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Aspiring to Bond

20th Dec 2012

The much anticipated October release of Skyfall led to a number of private hires here at The Electric, as a collection of companies booked one of our screens so that they could enjoy James Bond's latest adventure alongside their very own special cocktail party.

One of the most glamorous events came from marketing agency Viva Aspire, who offered martinis to all before the screening on Monday October 29th, their guests arriving decked out in their finest evening wear (plus a number of tuxedos, naturally).

Viva Aspire have edited together their own video of the event, so click here if you want a taste of their very special night, and do let us know if it inspires you to hold your own event here by calling manager Sam Bishop on 0121 643 7879 or e-mailing him via

Aspiring to Bond
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