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Teaming up with Operation Drawstring

31st December 2017
Teaming up with Operation Drawstring

The winter months are particularly hard on the homeless, so on Christmas Eve we teamed up with Operation Drawstring for an event to give those sleeping rough a ... read more

A Muppet Wedding

4th August 2017
A Muppet Wedding

Whenever we hold a wedding here at The Electric, the happy couple always provide some kind of pop culture theme to make it suitably unique.

When Alison Franks ... read more

Peter Tatchell on human rights abuses

26th April 2017
Peter Tatchell on human rights abuses

April saw The Electric host a unique NHS event featuring a presentation by noted human rights campaigner Peter Tachell on the impact of human rights abuse withi... read more

Christmas Parties 2013

Why not hold a completely unique Christmas party this festive season at the Electric Cinema? Hire one of our screens to exclusively show a film of your choice. Popular festive suggestions include It’s A Wonderful Life, Home Alone or Elf. 
If you have any questions, would like to see the spaces available or would like to make a booking please email the manager on   
All of our events are bespoke and cater to suit your specific needs.  In addition to your exclusive screening there are a number of things we can include to make your event extra special. Below is just a few examples. 
▪ Festive cocktails or mulled wine on arrival from your own private bar.  
▪ Connect an Xbox 360 or Play Station 3 to the big screen and host a videogame tournament. 
▪ For the ultimate staff event, host a mock Oscars night with special awards for your staff. The event recreates an actual award ceremony, complete with full stage lighting, lectern, microphones, ceremony music, on screen presentations and mock Oscar awards
Screen hire is by the hour rather than per person. Hire charge includes staffing for your event and a film of your choice
-Screen 1 sits 108 people and costs £200 per hour
-Screen 2 sits 78 people and costs £170 per hour
(NB: There is no wheelchair access to Screen Two)
The minimal hire is two hours, and we can offer our rooms on any day of the week.   Events can start anywhere between 9am to 11:00pm and can run as late as 2am.  If your chosen slot is not available we will recommend an alternative. 
You can also pay £60 to have an extra 30 minute Meet & Greet before
the event if you want to have the room available as your guests arrive.
With this option, you can choose to have your choice of music played
in the room along with any image, slideshow or company logo on
the screen as your guests arrive.  
We offer a range of drinks and refreshments, from teas & coffees, beers, wine and classic cocktails. Our bar staff will be happy to serve your guests from our art deco bar.  Alternatively, you can pre-order drinks to be available on arrival, or even have a private bar set up in the screening room for an extra£40 for just you and your guests.    
We offer a variety of catering to suit any size group, appetite or dietary
needs.  Our buffets range from sandwich buffet at £6.50 per head to a traditional finger food spread at £8.50 per head.  We also offer a silver tray waiter service, delivering high end canapés for £10.50 per head.  For a full range and menu please request from the the below email.   

We also offer an Usherette Ice-cream Service, allowing you to have
an interval in your film and a traditional cinema usherette supplying
luxury ice-cream to your guests.  This service costs £60 then £2.50  for the ice-cream 
per person.  
Gaming tournament
You could hire a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 to be connected up to either of our HD screens to host your own tournament.  Whether it be a Halo 3 multiplayer shootout or a Gran Turismo time-trial it really is an immersive experience on the big screen.  It costs an extra £60 to hire a console and two controller pads.    
Award Ceremony
A work Christmas party to never forget!  For an additional £200 we can utilise our full PA system to deliver a mock Oscars award ceremony with stage lighting, microphones, acceptance music, on-screen category slides and mock awards.  With this set up you can dictate your own awards for example 'best sales', 'best phone manner', 'worst tea-maker!'.
Please don’t hesitate to email the manager on if you have any questions, would like to see the spaces available or would like to make a booking.