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The Last Projectionist

18th Jan 2012

Tutors looking to engage their students in film education will be pleased to know that The Electric Cinema has made available a brand new documentary entitled The Last Projectionist. The film has been made available prior to theatrical release specifically for education groups wanting to know more about the exhibition business.

The documentary covers the switch from 35mm exhibition to digital exhibition, and the massive impact that this has had on the modern film industry, both major topics within the AS and A2 Media Studies qualifications. Talking to projectionists, cinema owners and figures high up within the industry, the film is the perfect starting off point for a debate on the digital revolution and the benefits it offers the smaller distributors.

If you're interested in arranging a screening of the film here at The Electric, or would like to get hold of a DVD of the film, please contact Sam Bishop on 0121 643 7879 or email

The Last Projectionist
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