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2.8 Hours Later

17th Sep 2012

Hitting the streets of Birmingham between Oct 17th and Oct 20th is 2.8 Hours Later, a chance to throw yourself slab bang into the middle of a real-life zombie attack, and to mark the occasion we're screening the seminal zombie classic Night Of The Living Dead on Oct 12th.

Any zombie fan knows Night Of The Living Dead, the late 60s film that practically created the entire zombie genre, as a group of survivors trapped in a farmhouse face off against the living dead. You might be less familiar with 2.8 Hours Later, which involves players making their way through Birmingham city centre with a map and locations to reach, all the while avoiding 'zombies' who are roaming the streets.

It's a massive, real-life interactive game, and we've got three pairs of tickets worth around £50 each to give away to the Birmingham game, with anybody who pre-books tickets for Night Of The Living Dead being entered into a prize draw to bag themselves a pair. To book for Night Of The Living Dead, just click here, while much more info on 2.8 Hours Later is available at the official website by clicking here.


2.8 Hours Later
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