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Operation: Shock & Gore 2011

2nd May 2011

The Electric is very proud to announce that on the first weekend of July, we shall be holding our first ever horror festival, entitled Shock & Gore 2011! 

It's about time Birmingham had a proper horror festival, one that can eventually rival the likes of Frightfest or Dead By Dawn, and this is the beginning of that mission. Initially taking place across three days, the full programme is still being finalised, but we can confirm that the festival will feature a sneak preview of upcoming gory grindhouse tribute Hobo With A Shotgun, starring Rutger Hauer (pictured), plus a return visit from the Bad Film Club, who'll be eviscerating Uwe Boll's truly tragic House Of The Dead.

It's not just film either - there'll be live stand-up from Goth comedian Andrew O'Neill, some unique audience interaction and a special all-nighter featuring live music and Xbox games on our upstairs digital screen. The official website will be launched in a couple of weeks, but for now watch this space and prepare yourselves for three intense days of blood, violence, scares and laughs.

Operation: Shock & Gore 2011
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