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Morgan Spurlock - the joys of spring

26th Mar 2013

Whilst on tour filming a documentary for One Direction, Morgan Spurlock urgently need to record a voice over for his new US TV series Inside Man. Naturally, our high-spec studio was the obvious choice of Birmingham facilities, but with only a few hours notice we had to quickly reschedule to accommodate the Super Size Me star. 

All would have proceeded smoothly if not for snow in Nottingham (and allegedly partying all night if One Direction’s twitter feed is to be believed) making Morgan super late for the VO session.

Electric owner Tom Lawes, who normally handles studio bookings, was whisked away for a prior engagement, leaving first time sound engineer Sophie Hughes to complete the recording. Sophie, who normally line produces for Electric Flix in between bouts of video editing for the cinema, confidently juggled unfamiliar technology, TV producers on the phone from New York and the demands of an internationally famous documentary maker.

With the VO finished and uploaded to The Big Apple, everyone left happy, except perhaps Morgan who had to rejoin a bunch of bratty teenagers on a boy band tour.

Morgan Spurlock - the joys of spring
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