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Monochrome begins filming

22nd Sep 2014

Electric Flix has begun principal photography on Monochrome, the new film from writer-director Tom Lawes, being shot in multiple locations across the UK, including London, Birmingham and the Cotswolds.

Monochrome is a psychological thriller about a disillusioned young woman who flees to the countryside after her boyfriend is arrested for hiding millions of pounds of stolen pension funds. Relying on casual work from wealthy landowners to survive, Emma reacts against her indentured servitude with extreme violence, soon making her one of the most wanted killers in the country. To hunt Emma down, the newly formed British Crime Agency hire a brilliant detective with the unusual neurological condition of synesthesia.

The film stars exciting new British talent Jo Woodcock (Land Girls, Dorian Gray) and singer songwriter Cosmo Jarvis, alongside a supporting cast which includes BAFTA winner James Cosmo (Game Of Thrones, Braveheart), Patrice Naiambana (Son Of God, Highlander: The Source), Lee Boardman (London Boulevard, Jack & The Giant Slayer) and Steve Jackson (Coronation Street).



Monochrome begins filming
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