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The Handmaiden

Until Thursday 27th April

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Director: Park Chan-wook

Starring: Min-hee Kim, Jung-woo Ha

Rating: 18

South Korea 2017, 145mins

Set during the Japanese occupation of Korea in the 1930s, young handmaiden Sookee is hired by Hideko, an eccentric Japanese heiress who lives a strange secluded life on a large countryside estate, under the watchful eye of her domineering Uncle Kouzuki. But Sookee has a secret: she leads a sordid double–life as an expert pickpocket, who has been covertly recruited by Fujiwara, a degenerate con artist posing as a Japanese Count.

This charlatan plans to seduce the Lady Hideko, convince her to elope with him, rob her of her fortune and then lock her up in a madhouse. The con all seems to be proceeding according to plan, until Sookee and Hideko discover some unexpected emotions for each other, and must come up with a scheme of their own.

Inspired by Sarah Waters' best-selling novel 'Fingersmith', The Handmaiden is a ravishing erotic thriller from the visionary director of Oldboy, Lady Vengeance, Thirst and Stoker. Park injects a classic tale of deception, deceit, romance and triple-crossing with his trademark combination of pyrotechnic camerawork, breakneck pacing, grandiose set design and frenzied humour, taking audiences on an epic sensual rollercoaster ride - yet leaving them hungry for more.

In Korean with English subtitles.

The Handmaiden will also be screening in an extended 167 minute director's cut.