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Quatermass & The Pit

Friday 28th July, Saturday 29th July and Wednesday 2nd August

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Screen 2

Director: Roy Ward Baker

Starring: Andrew Keir

Rating: 12A

UK 1967, 95mins

One of the smartest science fiction films ever written, Hammer Studios’ 1967 feature Quatermass & The Pit posits an intellectually stimulating version of an alien invasion as a collection of mysterious skeletons are unearthed beneath the London Underground.

Derived from Nigel Kneale’s earlier BBC series (who loathed the first two Quatermass features), Quatermass & The Pit ultimately blends the world of sci-fi and horror as the supernatural terrors at the heart of Kneale’s story are revealed by the investigation of Andrew Keir’s professor. Retitled Five Million Years To Earth for US audiences, the film still resonates (despite undeniably dated effects) because the characters are entirely believable and the situations are perfectly thought out. A true British classic.