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The Witches

Sunday 30th July


Screen 2

Director: Nicolas Roeg

Starring: Anjelica Houston, Rowan Atkinson

Rating: PG

UK 1990, 88mins

If you hire the director and screenwriter of Donít Look Now to make a kidsí film, youíre definitely not going to get Mary Poppins. And thus, the team of Nicolas Roeg and screenwriter Allan Scott brought The Witches into the world, a weird and wonderfully creepy adaptation of the brilliant Roald Dahl novel.

Angelica Huston is clearly having the time of her life as the villainous Grand High Witch, leader of a worldwide witch plot to turn stinky little children into mice, whilst Jasen Fisher is instantly likeable as the boy working with his Norwegian grandma to confound their plans. The final film that Jim Henson worked on before his death, The Witches is for both kids and adults who can stomach a little nastiness mixed in with their fairytales.