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The Thing

Sunday 6th August


Screen 2

Director: John Carpenter

Starring: Kurt Russell, T K Carter

Rating: 18

USA 1982, 106mins

‘You gotta be f**kin’ kidding…’

Not exactly Shakespeare, but a realistic response to seeing a head crawling along on spider legs. A monster movie stuffed full of joyfully nauseating practical effects, John Carpenter’s The Thing was a critical and commercial flop on its initial release in 1982 - coming out the same summer as ET, it turned out audiences wanted a nice cuddly alien to coo over, rather than one that would eat your head whole.

Thankfully, time has been kind to Carpenter’s film, his sci-fi terror now held on a par with Halloween in terms of its status within the horror movie pantheon. Carpenter regular Kurt Russell is the perfect everyman hero, fighting against a shape-changing alien in the icy depths of the Antarctic, and that ambiguous ending is the ideal finale for such a paranoid film. Sit back, relax and let the body horror wash over you.