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Raising Cain: Director's Cut

Sunday 30th July


Screen 2

Director: Brian De Palma

Starring: John Lithgow, Lolita Davidovich

Rating: 15

1992, 92mins

Few performances in cinema are as gloriously insane as John Lithgow’s turn in the Brian De Palma thriller Raising Cain. Playing a respected child psychologist still recovering from a traumatic childhood, Lithgow is utterly mesmerising as each new twist reveals another facet to his fractured mind in what can best be described as a Chinese puzzle of a film.

Rather aptly for a film about split personalities, there are two versions of Raising Cain. De Palma originally intended a very different ordering of scenes, something freelance editor/director Peet Gelderblom rectified in his own time using the original screenplay, a fan edit that De Palma himself has now given the official stamp to. Shock & Gore presents a rare public screening of this newly formed director’s cut, a more satisfying version that improves what was already one of De Palma’s best.