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The Living Dead At Manchester Morgue

Sunday 30th July


Screen 2

Director: Jorge Grau

Starring: Christine Galbo, Ray Lovelock

Rating: 18

Spain / Italy 1974, 93mins

Let Sleeping Corpses Lie. Donít Open The Window. Breakfast At Manchester Morgue. This 1974 zombie flick went under a lot of names in various international markets, but one thing we can surely all agree on is that itís one of the most entertaining Euro horrors that decade produced.

A Spanish Italian co-production from director Jorge Grau, the film follows a hippie and his girlfriend under attack from the living dead in the English countryside with their pleas to police falling on deaf ears, the local constabulary much more interested in pinning a number of recent murders on these two outsiders.

There are gorier zombie films and there are more popular ones, but this is no Lucio Fulci film Ė the zombies donít really start massing until the third act, Grau more interested in building an unsettling atmosphere before the innards start being ripped open. Whatever name you decide to give it, Grauís film is a solid gold zombie treat.