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Martyrs + intro

Tuesday 1st August


Screen 2

Director: Pascal Laugier

Starring: Mylène Jampanoï

Rating: 18

France 2008, 95mins

It’s perhaps not a surprise to learn that French writer-director Pascal Laugier was suffering from a deep depression when he penned 2008 horror Martyrs. A key work in the New French Extremity movement, Martyrs offers some of the most extreme body horror of 21st century cinema, but crucially, there is reason for the onscreen suffering beyond mere shock factor.

Mylène Jampanoï plays Lucie, a survivor of childhood abuse who decides to take violent revenge on the family she believes imprisoned and tortured her. When her friend Anna discovers what Lucie has done, it begins a series of events which will reveal the unimaginable horrors of what happened to Lucie as a child and what life changing ramifications they will have for Anna.

This screening will be preceded by an introduction from Alex Davis, author of Laugier’s Martyrs: A Personal Analysis, who will be laying out the case for Martyrs as a masterpiece of horror cinema.

Screening in French with English subtitles.