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Very Bad Things

Wednesday 2nd August


Screen 2

Director: Peter Berg

Starring: Christian Slater, Cameron Diaz

Rating: 18

USA 1998, 98mins

Reprehensible. Mean-spirited. Tasteless. Just some of the words used by critics to describe Peter Berg’s 1998 blacker-than-black comedy Very Bad Things, and they’re all entirely accurate.

Morally despicable and soaked in gore, Very Bad Things sees a bunch of utter douchebags (including Christian Slater and Jon Favreau) head to Las Vegas for a stag do, one which culminates in a stripper’s head being accidentally impaled on a coat peg. Attempts to cover up the murder only lead to much more bloodshed as the friends turn on each other and the wife-to-be reveals herself as the most gruesome of them all.

Whether it’s making a jigsaw out of body parts or a bride caving in a man’s face with a steel post, Very Bad Things is a perversely entertaining comedy that knows no limits. Perfect for Shock & Gore, then.