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Genocidal Organ

Thursday 3rd August


Screen 2

Director: Shûkô Murase

Starring: Yuki Kaji

Rating: 15

Japan 2017, 114mins

Ignored for years by UK cinemas, Japanese anime has finally been getting its cinematic in 2017, a number of anime features being released theatrically to great success. Genocidal Organ is the latest offered up to UK audiences, a brutal dystopian sci-fi based on the acclaimed 2006 novel by the late author Project Itoh.

Set in a world where a homemade nuclear device wiped out Sarajevo six years ago, terrorism is now fought using advanced surveillance techniques, citizens trading privacy for more security. Yet less wealthy countries were simultaneously erupting into violent civil wars, all sparked by an American named John Paul. A task force is sent to find Paul, a team who feel no moral guilt for their own actions due to being heavily medicated.

Genocidal Organ asks some tough questions of its audience the greatest being whether humanity has become too hardened to violence, too accepting of awful crimes. It also tells a gripping story, a spy thriller with a philosophical framework as morality starts to impinge on the work of career soldiers. With a live action version currently in development (allegedly with Park Chan-wook involved), this is just the beginning for the Genocidal Organ series.