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SHOUT Fest: Beautiful Thing + Jonathan Harvey Q&A

Sunday 25th February


Screen 1

Director: Hettie Macdonald

Starring: Glen Berry, Ben Daniels

Rating: 15

UK 1996, 87mins

Introspective Jamie (Glen Berry) is the son of Sandra (Linda Henry), a tough but warm-hearted barmaid who lives in a public housing block in a rough section of South London. Living a few doors away is Jamie's classmate Ste (Scott Neal), an athletic type who often has to take a beating from his hard-drinking father and hard-headed brother. One night, Jamie and Sandra discover that Ste has been kicked out of the apartment and has nowhere to spend the night, so Jamie lets him stay at his place, and a casual closeness eventually stirs sexual feelings.

A seminal title in the New Queer Cinema movement, Beautiful Thing is a moving and unsentimental piece of drama that was adapted for the screen by the original playwright Jonathan Harvey. SHOUT Festival is pleased to welcome Jonathan for a live post-screening Q&A, where he'll be talking about the film's inception and its impact in the twenty plus years since.