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Penny Slinger: Out Of The Shadows

Wednesday 10th July


Screen 2

Director: Richard Kovitch

Starring: Penny Slinger, Maria Blum, Tim Blum, Jack Bond, Michael Bracewell, Susanka Fraey, Anke Kempkes

Rating: 18

United Kingdom 2019, 98mins

The incredible, untold story of the British artist Penny Slinger and the traumatic events that led to the creation of her masterpiece, the 1977 photo-romance, ĎAn Exorcismí.

Coming- of-age against a back drop of post-war austerity and the subsequent explosion of colour that characterised the 1960s counter-culture, Penny Slinger embraced her generationís quest for personal freedom and sexual liberation, and channelled these desires into her ground-breaking collages, films and sculptures. So powerful was her vision that 50 years later her work is still influencing contemporary artists