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Cine-Excess Presents Prey with Norman J. Warren Q & A

Friday 8th November


Starring: Barry Stokes, Sally Faulkner, Glory Annen

Rating: 18

UK 1977, 78mins

Treading a fine but fascinating line between experimentation and exploitation, Prey confirms Norman J. Warren’s status as one of Britain’s leading British shock auteurs of the 1970s. The second entry in Warren’s iconic trilogy of horror films created between 1976 and 78, Prey details the unlikely encounter between a cannibalistic alien and the separatist lesbian couple who unwittingly offer him shelter.

While this interaction allows Warren to delivers all of the requisite gore and sexploitation motifs expected from 1970s British genre cinema, Prey is distinguished by its edgy and experimental approach to cinematography, musical score and performance styles. In so doing, the film uses the alien motif to explore wider themes of social and sexual alienation relevant to the late 1970s landscape.

We are delighted that Cine-Excess 13 Guest of Honour Norman J. Warren will be attending the screening of Prey and conducting an onstage Q and A following the event.

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