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The Krampus and the Old, Dark Christmas

Monday 16th December

Director: Al Ridenour

Starring: Al Ridenour

Rating: 15

USA 2019, 90mins

Explore the authentic folklore, history and contemporary practices associated with the Krampus with Al Ridenour, author of The Krampus and the Old, Dark Christmas and preeminent English-language expert on the subject. Ridenour’s lively presentation, illustrated with slides, archival video (and a drop-in by a LIVE KRAMPUS) reveals how this often-misunderstood figure is connected to centuries-old witchcraft beliefs and an older darker understanding of the Christmas season as a time offering access to the spirit world. Now in its second printing, The Krampus was described by LA Times’ books critic Elizabeth as “gleefully erudite,” and a book that “deserves to become a classic.” Ridenour is also a producer of Krampus events in Los Angeles, an artist and mask-maker, and host of the folk-horror podcast, Bone and Sickle.

Conjurer's Kitchen will be selling Krampus greeting cards and providing a special treat for this event.