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The Electric Cinema 110th Birthday Tour

Saturday 28th December

Director: The Electric

Starring: The Electric

Rating: PG

UK 1909

110th Birthday celebration with a Behind the Screens Tour by Owner Tom Lawes

On the 28th of December, one day after our official 110th Birthday, join us for a 'behind the screens' tour of the UK's oldest working cinema and find out about the building's fascinating history, stretching from 1909 to the present day.

Film director, music composer, and entrepreneur Tom Lawes restored The Electric in 2005, creating the leading independent cinema we know and love today. Tom, who now splits his time between the Cotswolds and L.A., will be happy to answer questions about the building's long and tumultuous history as we celebrate the success of the cinema 110 years after its opening.

Donít miss this special opportunity to meet The Electricís owner Tom Lawes and explore the projection booth, the basement (featuring all kinds of cinematic paraphernalia), the converted flat above the cinema and the proscenium arch behind Screen 1.

The tour lasts approximately 1.5 hours. Photography is permitted - but please no video recording! Not appropriate for children under 12 years of age, due to adult themes discussed.