The Electric

What's On

  • Amy


    Fri 3rd to Thu 9th July

    Senna director Asif Kapadia tells the tumultuous story of Amy Winehouse, using unseen footage and unheard tracks to piece together a portrait of a musical talent lost too soon. Read more

  • Magic Mike XXL

    Fri 3rd to Thu 9th July

    Channing Tatum strips things down again for this energetic sequel, this time following the clothes averse Kings of Tampa as they prepare for one final blow-out performance. Read more

  • Slow West

    Until Thu 9th July

    Michael Fassbender chews some scenery in John Maclean's critically acclaimed western, co-starring Kodi Smit-McPhee as a young man who journeys across the American frontier in search of the woman he loves. Read more

  • Birmingham Jazz & Blues Festival: Guitar Conversations

    Wed 8th July

    Remi Harris, Adrian Ingram and Lee Jones appear at The Electric for an informal session of live conversations about jazz guitar performance and improvisation. Read more

  • Birmingham Jazz & Blues Festival: Sweet & Lowdown

    Wed 8th July

    Sean Penn stars as the hugely talented but utterly obnoxious Emmett Ray in Woody Allen's jazz biopic, screening as part of the 2015 Birmingham Jazz & Blues Festival. Read more

  • Love & Mercy

    Fri 10th to Thu 16th Jul

    Paul Dano and John Cusack play two different ages of Beach Boys singer songwriter Brian Wilson in this acclaimed biopic, recounting both his early success and later battles with depression and hallucinations. Read more

  • 90s Blockbuster Season: Face/Off

    Sat 11th July

    John Woo ups the suspension of disbelief with this crazy face swap action flick starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage, screening as part of our 90s summer blockbuster season. Read more

  • NT Live: Everyman

    Thu 16th July

    BAFTA winner and Oscar nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor takes the title role in this dynamic new production of one of English drama’s oldest plays from the National Theatre’s new director Rufus Norris. Read more

  • Ant-Man

    Fri 17th to Thu 23rd July

    Marvel's biggest hero is also its smallest, as Paul Rudd shrinks to insect size for this tongue-in-cheek heist movie about a master thief given amazing new powers. Read more

  • Sunset Boulevard

    Fri 17th, Tue 21st & Thu 23rd July

    Gloria Swanson's fading silver screen star is ready for her close up in Billy Wilder's acidic Hollywood horror, where the stage is set for cold blooded murder. Read more

  • See No Evil 2 + live screenwriters audio commentary

    Fri 17th July

    Midlands screenwriters Nathan Brookes and Bobby Lee Darby deliver a live audio commentary during a screening of their gory slasher See No Evil 2. Read more

  • The Path To The Black Lodge: II thgiN hcnyL divaD

    Fri 17th July

    Join us for another evening of Lynchian delights, as we screen David Lynch's original masterpiece Eraserhead and celebrate the return of Twin Peaks. Read more

  • Trash Film Night presents Birdemic: Shock & Terror & secret trash film

    Fri 17th July

    Join our Trash Film Night hosts for a special 'dustbin double' of movie travesties, featuring 2010 'thriller' Birdemic: Shock & Terror and an extra special secret Trash Film. Read more

  • A Clockwork Orange

    Sat 18th & Sun 19th July

    Experience the darkly comic story of a young man whose principal interests are rape, ultra-violence and Beethoven in Stanley Kubrick's controversial 1971 masterpiece. Read more

  • Leviathan: The Story Of Hellraiser & Hellraiser II - Hellbound

    Sat 18th July

    Get an unparalleled, all access pass to the making of Clive Barker’s seminal Hellraiser films with this epic behind-the-scenes documentary about one of the most influential horror franchises ever made. Read more

  • There Are Monsters

    Sat 18th July

    The world is slowly being taken over by monsters who look just like us in director Jay Dahl's paranoid horror. Read more

  • Cub


    Sat 18th July

    A bullied cub scout finds himself facing off against his darkest fears in this tense and gory horror from Belgian director Joan Govaerts. Read more

  • Shock & Gore All-Nighter featuring The Terminator

    Sat 18th July

    Michael Biehn fights the machines in the film that made Arnold Schwarzenegger a star, screening as part of our annual Shock & Gore all-nighter. Read more

  • Shock & Gore All-Nighter featuring Robocop

    Sat 18th July

    Peter Weller is half man, half robot in Paul Verhoeven's satirical 1980s effects extravaganza, screening as part of the annual Shock & Gore all-nighter. Read more

  • Touch Of Evil

    Sun 19th to Wed 22nd July

    Orson Welles' final Hollywood feature is a deliciously dark film noir that takes in murder, drugs and police corruption, screening in a new digital restoration from the BFI. Read more

  • Fright Night: 30th Anniversary

    Sun 19th July

    A 30th anniversary screening of Tom Holland's insanely enjoyable 80s creature feature about a teenager convinced his next door neighbour is a demonic bloodsucker. Read more

  • Ninja Scroll

    Sun 19th July

    There's shock and gore a-plenty in this uber-violent early 90s anime from director Yoshiaki Kawajiri, one of the films that helped popularise anime in the West. Read more

  • Julia

    Mon 20th July

    Ashley Williams begins a crusade of bloody vengeance against her attackers in this extreme horror from up and coming writer-director Matthew Brown. Read more

  • Conjurer's Kitchen presents Shaun Of The Dead

    Tue 21st July

    A hero will rise from his sofa as Conjurer's Kitchen presents a special chomp along screening of cult UK comedy Shaun Of The Dead, the hilarious story of two slackers up against the walking dead. Read more

  • Society

    Tue 21st July

    It's all a matter of good breeding in Brian Yuzna’s 1989 body horror shocker, starring Billy Warlock as a Beverly Hills teenager who's convinced there's something very wrong with his upper class neighbourhood. Read more

  • Shock & Gore short film showcase 2015

    Wed 22nd July

    Shock & Gore hosts another delightfully deviant selection of short films, coupling homegrown work with films from Europe, the United States and beyond. Read more

  • How To Kill The Dead at The Victoria Pub

    Wed 22nd July

    Birmingham Skeptics present a talk from Jonathan Ferguson, curator of firearms at the Royal Armouries in Leeds, who'll be appearing at The Victoria Pub to explain just how best to kill the living dead. Read more

  • Birmingham Ghost Walk + screening of The Haunting

    Wed 22nd July

    The Birmingham Ghost Walk takes in The Electric Cinema's dark past for one night only, followed by a screening of Robert Wise's 1963 spine-tingler The Haunting. Read more

  • RSC Live From Stratford presents The Merchant Of Venice

    Wed 22nd Jul

    Polly Findlay directs Shakespeare's uncompromising tragedy about a despised outsider looking to exact the ultimate price for a deal sealed in blood. Read more

  • Tom Neenan: The Haunting At Lopham House

    Thu 23rd July

    Stand-up comic Tom Neenan takes audiences to the mysterious Lopham House in a chilling live show that deftly combines comedy and horror. Read more

  • I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle + Q&A

    Thu 23rd July

    Cast and crew reunite for a screening of the cult horror spoof I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle, filmed across Birmingham in the late 80s. Read more

  • Maggie

    Fri 24th to Thu 30th July

    Arnold Schwarzenegger searches for a cure for his infected daughter in this melancholy piece set in a zombie ravaged land from debut director Henry Hobson. Read more

  • 90s Blockbuster Season: The Matrix

    Sat 25th July

    What is The Matrix? Keanu Reeves fights the system in the Wachowski siblings' genre-defining science fiction blockbuster. Read more

  • Electrolyte members screening: Psycho

    Mon 27th July

    Janet Leigh regrets deciding to stay the night at the Bates Motel in Alfred Hitchcock's seminal horror flick, our next exclusive Electrolyte members screening. Read more

  • Film Food Club presents Midnight In Paris under the stars

    Sun 9th Aug

    Enjoy Woody Allen's nostalgic Parisian comedy in comfort at The Electric, followed by a delicious French meal at Hotel du Vin in their open air courtyard. Read more

  • 90s Blockbuster Season: Die Hard With A Vengeance

    Sat 15th Aug

    Simon says that Die Hard With A Vengeance is the best Die Hard sequel, featuring Jeremy Irons as a terrorist with a very personal grudge against Bruce Willis's burnt out cop. Read more

  • RSC: Live From Stratford presents Othello

    Wed 26th Aug

    Hugh Quarshie returns to the RSC to take on the role of fearsome warrior Othello, torn apart by his own fragile and destructive pride. Read more

  • 90s Blockbuster Season: The Lion King

    Sun 30th Aug

    One of the greatest Disney films ever made, The Lion King is a beautifully animated blend of Hamlet, classical mythology, and African folk tales. Read more

  • NT Live: The Beaux Stratagem

    Thu 3rd Sep

    Simon Godwin directs George Farquhar's wild comedy of love and cash about two broke men who encounter crooked landlords, strange priests, a devious maid and a terrifying highwaymen. Read more

  • Behind The Screens tour

    Sunday 13th September

    Ever wanted to take a look behind the scenes at The Electric Cinema? Now's your chance as we offer a tour of this historic building and a talk on the cinema's history, followed by a midday matinee. Read more

  • Roger Waters: The Wall

    Tue 29th Sep

    Part concert film, part road movie, this unique film follows Pink Floyd member Roger Waters as he tours the world on a three year tour with The Wall Live. Read more

  • NT Live: Hamlet

    Thu 15th to Tue 27th Oct

    Oscar nominee Benedict Cumberbatch takes on the title role of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy, as directed by Lyndsey Turner. Read more

  • RSC Live From Stratford presents Henry V

    Wed 21st Oct

    RSC Artistic Director Gregory Doran continues his exploration of Shakespeare's History Plays with a performance of Henry V the same week as the anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt. Read more