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Shock and Gore 2012

Considering the success of The Electric's monthly cult film nights – which have screened the likes of The Exorcist: Director's Cut, Suspiria and Evil Dead II - it was perhaps only a matter of time before we decided to launch our very own horror festival.

Early titles for the festival were Electric Shocks (bit obvious) and Bloody Hell! (funny, but silly), until we finally settled on Shock & Gore, feeling it was a better example of the varied programme we had planned, and also a lovely use of a pun.

The festival's remit is to offer events beyond film, from live comedy to live musical performances, and to make sure that we don't just cater for the gore-lovers - although we cater for them very well too.

about us

Tom Lawes – Witchfinder General

Festival Chair and owner of The Electric Cinema since its glorious rebirth in 2004, Tom Lawes is the perfect man to be involved with organising a horror festival, as he's directed a number of splatter flicks of his own, most notably 90s underground comedy horrors Rhino Bitch and Demagogue. He also appears on the Evil Dead Special Edition DVD on one of the documentaries.

Also noted soundtrack composer and dubbing mixer, Tom recently put the finishing touches to his first ever feature length documentary, a film about the amazing history of UK cinemas entitled The Last Projectionist. Tom's favourite horror film is The Shining, and if zombies attacked tomorrow, he'd push past both women and children to save himself.

David Baldwin – High Priest

A long time fan of horror, Festival Programmer David Baldwin decided to put to good use all the wasted time he spent watching horror movies by organising Shock & Gore. It also gets him out of the house. A former journalist who's worked for the likes of Associated Newspapers and Titan Publishing, David has worked at The Electric Cinema since 2009, helping out with marketing, programming and any odd jobs pop up.

He also helped to organise the Birmingham Comedy Festival since 2007 and has made a number of short films himself. David's favourite horror films is Funny Games, and if he was ever forced to compete in a Battle Royale-style fight to the death, he'd initially pretend to be your friend and then stab you in the back.

Sam Bishop - Cthulu Follower

Sam is the manager of The Electric Cinema and has helped organise and run a number of festivals at The Electric, including Flatpack Festival and the Birmingham Comedy Festival.

He has also helped launch The Electric as a venue for weddings, although He believes the stop motion re-animation of Talos in the 1963 Jason & The Argonauts is the scariest thing he's ever seen.

Kristian Jones - Cowled Minion

A compulsive doodler, Kristian Jones is a freelance artist living in the centre of the UK, just outside of sunny Birmingham. He produces work for magazines, clothing ranges and various bands and clubnights on the Birmingham music scene, crafting posters and artwork of an alternative nature.

His artistic style preys on the innocence of childhood imagination, surreal worlds and fictional creatures.

Kirsty Fuller – Demon Spawn

Previously a writer for the Birmingham Post & Mail and having now worked in advertising for the last five years Kirsty Fuller, aka Kirsty Kirsty Custard to her friends, has a passion for all things creative.

Sticking her fingers in as many metaphorical pies as possible she works in all creative and promotional areas - From graphic design to web design, to helping to run and promote pub and club nights to producing charity event websites.

Apart from DJing, she doesn’t do that, not after the last time, no way (don't ask).

Email: kirsty@hotscum.com