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Saturday 28th July


Screen 2

Director: Derek Jarman

Starring: Toyah Willcox, Richard O'Brien

Rating: 15

UK 1978, 100mins

Derek Jarmanís apocalyptic fantasia Jubilee couldnít have been made in any other decade than the 1970s, shot through with punk aesthetics and featuring turns from Adam Ant, Siousxie & The Banshees and Toyah Willcox.

Filmed during the year of Queen Elizabeth IIís silver jubilee, Jarmanís film sees Elizabeth I and her alchemist Dr John Dee conjure up Shakespeareís sprite Ariel, who sends them travelling through time to a brutal dystopian version of 1970s London where violent girl gangs roam the capital and Westminster cathedral has been turned into a gay disco club.

Sticking two bloodied fingers up to the establishment, Jubilee is a gloriously messy affair thatís as petty and nihilistic as the punk movement it aimed to simultaneously represent and satirise on screen, whilst Rocky Horror fans will get a thrill from seeing Nell Campbell and Richard OíBrien in Jarman's eccentric cast.